RIG - Montpellier, 4-7th April 2016

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Resources & Innovative Geology : RIG-2016

11 January 2016

Why attend RIG-2016?

Exploration of natural resources (raw material & energy) faces more and more complex challenges. RIG : Resources & Innovative Geology gathers the actors of exploration-production of natural resources (geologists, industry, services, engineering) from North Africa and Southern Europe for an interactive workshop, in order to explore and inititiate R&D collaborations, to adapt solutions from other domains, to present research results and discover innovative solutions. RIG allows the participants to look for new expertise and to explore new ventures across the Mediterranean.
The Mediterranean region displays a range of exploration experiences, renewed opportunities of the extractive industry, and an international collaborative scientific network, that makes this area a favourable place for the initiation and development of successful collaborative projects.
RIG scientific program addresses timely topics for exploration-production of natural resources, through the viewpoints of both industry and academia, followed by round-tables discussions. RIG stands as the cross-Mediterranean Forum to promote industry - academia collaborative research, and cross-over experiences between different areas of exploration.