RIG - Montpellier, 4-7th April 2016

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Programme of Plenary Sessions

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Mineral resources in orogenic setting

- Fluids, texture and tectonics related to the genesis of economic deposits: (K. Kouzmanov, Univ. Genève + A. Gaouzi, MANAGEM)
- Rare Earth and strategic metals in S. Europe and Maghreb (K. Goodenough, BGS)
- Round table: A. Chauvet, GM

Mineral resources in sedimentary basin setting

- Geology of phosphate accumulation in Maghreb (M. Séranne, GM + Y. Daafi, OCP)
- Geological controls on strategic metal accumulation (Mn, Li, U…) (M. Lopez GM + D. Virlogeux, AREVA)
- Round table: E.H. Chellai, UCA

Geomaterials / Circular Economy

- Applications of clays in industry (F. Jamoussi , CERTE)
- Aggregates: Resources and circular economy (D. Guyonnet, BRGM; G. Junqua, EMA, E. Faure, Eurovia-Bouygues)
- Round table: F. Jamoussi, CERTE)

R&D Strategy

- CNRS-INSU strategy for R&D and industrial partnership (G. Marquette, CNRS)


- Inversion of geological data and fracture prediction (F. Maerten, Schlumberger; J.J. Biteau TOTAL)
- The geological challenges of non-conventionnal HC (Ph. Gouze, GM)
- Table-ronde

Synthesis & perspectives

- Similarity of mining and oil exploration: consequences on R&D experience cross-over and on education & training (J.L. Bodinier + A.Chauvet + M. Séranne, GM)