RIG - Montpellier, 4-7th April 2016

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Scientific and Organisation Committee

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RIG-2016 Workshop is jointly organised by:

- The cluster TERINOV that regroups companies, research centers and universities. Terinov fosters economic growth for geosciences-based businesses, through research and innovation. Terinov members are involved in the areas of energy, mineral resources, geotechnics, environment, underground water and geological hazards.
- MEDYNA, scientific collaboration network on applied geosciences across the Mediterranean. The mobility program links 16 research centers from North Africa and 5 from Southern Europe in order to increase synergies between multidisciplinary studies on the origin of strategic mineral resources, and on the use of new geomaterials.

Scientific and Organisation Committee

- Michel Séranne Géosciences Montpellier & Medyna & Terinov
- Jean-Louis Bodinier Géosciences Montpellier & Medyna
- Alain Chauvet Géosciences Montpellier & Medyna
- Moulay Saïd El Youssoufi LMGC & Terinov
- Frantz Maerten Schlumberger & Terinov
- Ariane Blum BRGM & Terinov
- David Salze Ecole des Mines Alès & Terinov
- Claude Michel Fugro & Terinov
- El Hassane Chellaï U. Cadi Ayyad Marrakech & Medyna
- Aziouz Ouabadi USTHB Alger & Medyna
- Fakher Jamoussi CERTE Tunis & Medyna
- Alberto Lopez-Gallindo CSIC Granada & Medyna