RIG - Montpellier, 4-7th April 2016

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The Venue at Montpellier

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Montpellier city in the South of France set up structures, such as Business Innovation Center, French Tech, … that foster the developpement of many innovative start-ups and welcome international companies. Geosciences is a leading activity due to the association of businesses, research and education within the Geosciences Cluster TERINOV.
The University of Montpellier - Campus Triolet is one of the oldest university in Europe (founded in 1289) and hosts the first chair in geology in France (founded in 1809). Campus Triolet is the home of the laboratoy « Géosciences Montpellier » and of the Earth Sciences teaching department. RIG-2016 Workshop will be hosted in, and around, the Amphithéâtre Dumontet.